Warranty Term


Warranty Policy by Green Inova

Green Inova Lighting Technology (Shenzhen) Limited (“GI”) provides limited warranty under the hereby stated terms and conditions:

1. Warranty period: 6 years from the EXW date.

2. Covering range: All LED retrofit kits, area lights, shoebox, wall packs, canopy, high bays, flood lights, bullet floods, and barn lights from GI.

3. Target group: resellers and their direct customers or customers who purchase directly from GI.

4. The warranty applies if any of the following issues occur:
1). Failure of function without external factors.
2). Light flickering.
3). Over 35% depreciation of light output compared with initial lumens.

5. GI’s liability under the limited warranty within the warranty period:
1). When claimed quantity is no more than 3pcs, GI will send new items for free replacement in 1 – 15 days after claim is received. Customers can provide the information about claimed items after issues are resolved. Claimed items may be requested to be returned to GI for analysis and improvement.
2). When claimed quantity is more than 3pcs, information for claimed items would be requested first, such as description of issues, photos, videos, operating condition and environments, install method etc. New items for free replacement will be sent in 1 – 15 days after determination. Claimed items may be requested to be returned to GI for analysis and improvement.
3). The product cost, shipping cost to customers, shipping cost for returned items are all at GI’s charge.

6. Exclusions - This warranty does not cover the followings:
1). Problems caused by improper installation and operation of the buyer.
2). Goods dismantled or modified without approval by GI. Goods replaced with parts that do not come from GI.
3). Operation temperature exceeds the range of -40 to ℃ 40℃
4). Repair work done by unauthorized personnel without GI’s approval.
5). Force Majeure and other fact of God.

7. After the warranty period, GI will continue to provide warranty service with minimum charge on products and shipping.

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