100W Industrial Linear High Bay LED Light Workshop Warehouse Lighting Fixtures (2LHB Series)

Short Description:

  • Wattage: 100W
  • Voltage: 100-277V (347-480V available)
  • Lumens: 12,165LM
  • CCT: 4000K/4500K/5000K
  • Beam Angle: 120° Std. ( Medium Lens 82°, and Aisle Lens 40° available)
  • Controls: Dimming, Sensors, Emergency battery back-up available
  • Certifications: cULus, LM79, LM80, CE, SAA
  • Warranty: 5-year limited system warranty
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    LED Linear High Bay Lights


    Green Inova®‘s Gen2 Linear LED High Bay improved with exceptional 130LPW output, is the energy efficient and maintenance free replacement or upgrade choice for existing HID metal halide and fluorescent high bay light fixtures, with similar dimension and shape.
    Utilizing an integrated sheet steel for heat sink and thermal control, LED TC<75°C (@ 25°C ambient). Excellent thermal management ensures long life, 150,000 hours per L70 TM-21@ 25°C.
    The fixture has a separated driver box on the side and is designed for easy maintenance with driver access. Two fixtures can also be connected by bracket and wires to be one unit, easy for inventory management.
    In additon, this fixture offers multiple options to meet any need – e.g. electrical controls, optics, mounting possibilities, and wire guard, etc.

    Specification Summary

    Typical Model 2LHB100L40W3F 2LHB100L45W3F 2LHB100L50W3F
     Power (W) 100W 100W 100W
    Color Temperature (CCT) 4000K 4500K 5000K
    Lumen Output (LM) 12,080 12,080 12,165
    Efficacy (lm/W) 129 129 130
    Voltage (V) 100-277V (347-480V available)
    Power Factor >90%
    THD <20%
    CRI ≥70
    Optics Frosted Cover (Clear Cover available)
    Beam Angle (°) 120° Std. ( Medium Lens 82°, and Aisle Lens 40° available)
    Dimensions (in) 24.01"x13.77"x1.65"
    Driver Class UL Listed: Class II
    Operating Temperature(°C) –20°C to +50°C
    IP Rating IP54
    Environment Indoor
    Certificates cULus, LM79, LM80
    Controls Dimming, Sensors, Emergency battery back-up available
    Life (L70, H) 150,000 hours per L70 TM-21@ 25°C
    Warranty 5-year limited system warranty standard



    • High system efficacy up to 130 LPW
    • Class II UL listed driver
    • Cold rolled steel heat sink, LED TC<75°C (@ 25°C ambient)
    • Excellent thermal management ensures long life
    • Unique modular design allows for ease of field maintenance
    • Innovative high-tech design combines form with function
    • Lightweight and enhanced performance
    • Environmentally friendly powder coatings
    • Multiple optics allowing for flexible designs
    • Various controls available allowing for further energy savings
    • Reduces energy consumption over 70%


    • 100-277V, and 347-480V available
    • System power factor >90% and THD <20%
    • LED driver with non–dimming or 0-10V dimming

    Housing & Finish

    • Cold rolled steel
    • High gloss baked white matte powder painted after fabrication
    • Painted white finish
    • RAL & custom colors available

    • 0-10V dimming optional
    • Photocell sensor optional
    • On/Off motion sensor optional
    • Dimming motion sensor optional
    • Remote controller optional
    • Emergency back-up available


    • Wire guard optional


    • DLC Premium
    • cULus, file#E352762
    • UL 1598 suitable for damp locations
    • LM79, LM80 tests and report
    • CE & RoHS
    • SAA


    • 150,000 hours per L70 TM-21@ 25°C
    • Temperature Rated at –20°C to +50°C


    • 5-year limited system warranty


    • Wide Beam(120°) : frosted or clear cover options for general or open areas
    • Medium Lens (82°): medium lens for higher ceillings
    • Aisle Lens (40°): aisle lens for applications with aisles or racks
    NOTE: 310W is not available to add lens*

    Lens Selection by Application

     Optic Type      Beam Type         Mounting Height      Space Type 
        120° Frosted Cover      Wide   10-30ft (3-9m)    Open Area 
     120° Clear Cover   Wide   10-30ft (3-9m)   Open Area 
     82° Medium Lens   Medium   10-60ft (3-18m)   Open Area 
     40° Aisle Lens   Narrow   20-60ft (6-18m)     Aisle or rack at low to high   


    80W 100W Linear high bay dimension-Green Inova
    150W 200W Linear high bay dimension-Green Inova
    200W 300W Linear high bay dimension-Green Inova

    80W / 100W (24.01"x13.77"x1.65")

    150W / 200W (25.19"x17.71"x1.65")

    200W / 310W (45.66"x13.77"x1.65")

    *200W has two versions/sizes:
    2LHB200: 25.19x17.71x1.65 in, 2FT.
    2LHB200B: Bigger, 45.66x13.77x1.65 in, 4FT.

    Installation Options

    • Standard Cable Hanging (Std.)
    • Chain mounting (sold separately)
    • Surface mount bracket (sold separately)
    • Pendant mount brackets (sold separately)

    1. Cable Mount (Standard)

    2. Chain Mount

    3. Surface Mount

    4. Pendant Mount

    Linear high bay cable mount-Green Inova
    Linear high bay Chain Mount-Green Inova
    Linear high bay Surface Mount-Green Inova
    Linear high bay Pendant Mount-Green Inova

    * Accessories included

    * Chain sold separately

    * Surface bracket sold separately

    * Pendant mount kits sold separately

    * Pipe is not offered

    Advantages of Gen.2 LED Linear High Bay

    • Integrated heat sink design features excellent heat dissipation performance.
    • Easy to replace driver with driver compartment on the side (Design of driver compartment on the side replaces driver easily). Most linear high bay lights come with driver compartment on the top or bottom. It is not good for the driver to dissipate heat as the heat generated by the LED goes up if the driver compartment is on the top.
    • Integrated heat sink design helps cut the cost, heat sink edges can be used to reflect the light. No extra reflectors needed.
    • Separate PC cover or lens for every single PCB line, compared to public design making entire light share one big cover, greatly improve the light efficacy and cut the cost.
    • Separate PC cover or lens for each PCB line can improve the lighting efficiency and cut the cost, while other linear high bay lights are with entire PC cover.
    • It is easy to do the wiring as we design a movable cover behind the driver compartment. Customers can open and wire easily if they do not want AC wire exposed.
    • Using “V” hook for easy installation, height adjusting is available, more flexible.


    • High and low bay lighting
    • Aisles or open floor plan
    • Warehouse, industrial, gymnasiums, sports areas, etc.

    The 2LHB series LED high bay is ideal for a wide variety of applications and mounting heights, like warehouses, retail spaces, garages, gyms, sports areas , manufacturing facilities and work areas. etc.

    Please contact us for details spec sheet or other inquiry

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